Thank You.
As you are aware many front line charities face a daily struggle raising funds to stay operational. We raise much of the funding we receive through putting on events and running market stalls selling donated goods. Since Covid the funding situation has become even more difficult at a time when charities are needed most.
We are now in a pandemic of mental health as a result of nearly three years of fear, isolation, loss of income, suicidal thoughts and many other reasons including an increase in domestic violence toward both men and women. Without the support of many individuals and businesses in the community we would have been unable to remain open. its tough however, in 2021 we were awarded the Queens award which is an MBE for the charity and we dedicate it to all of the amazing people that have supported us when funding has been nigh on impossible to secure.
Sadly there is still a stigma towards mental health that prevents many people from admitting they have a problem and taking timely action.
Our members are from a wide section of society and include unemployed, manual workers, police officers, nurses, firemen and many other professions. many seek us out because they fear that admitting they are in mental distress could be career limiting despite many organisations being more sympathetic to mental health issues among the work force. Changes Tamworth provides a safe confidential and none judgemental environment for people to talk about their issues.

Changes Tamworth doesn’t consider mental health in isolation because we understand that there is usually a trigger behind the way a person is feeling whether from some internal [endogenous} or some thing outside of them [exogenous]. If we can identify a problem we can address it more thoroughly whether its by coming to Changes and or signposting to specialist services ie historical abuse, debt, homelessness.

The above means that rather than just working on symptoms we can help overcome the problem behind them. Just dealing with the symptoms today is just like putting fresh apples on top of rotton apples. we need to to get rid of the rotten apples.

Warm Space
Up and running now, January until March 2023
A warm space is provided for any members of the public who may feel isolated, lonely or just need a chat. You do not have to be in mental distress to attend these days between 14.00 and 16.00 every Wednesday afternoon. Refreshments provided free of charge.

People Solutions Tamworth
Thank you to all the staff at People Solutions Tamworth. They’ve nominated Changes Tamworth as their supported charity and been along to see what we do. Recently PS Solutions had their graphics department redesign our charity leaflet which is amazing. They also paid and delivered 2000 copies to us which has been a great benefit to us as stationery and promotion materials are a huge expense to Changes Tamworth.
Thank you all.

Specsavers Tamworth
Changes Tamworth would like to thank Specsavers for nominating Changes Tamworth as their supported charity for 2022. Lynn,Lisa and Steph have all been out to meet us and it gave us an opportunity to show them what Changes Tamworth is all about and how we support the community in the area of mental health.

Toyota. TMUK 17.02.2020
Thank you so much to TMUK at Burnaston who invited Changes Tamworth to their annual charity event. Changes was awarded a cheque for £2000 to be used towards the overheads of keeping Changes Tamworth operational. Thank you to Darren who nominated us as a recipient.

Mayors Ball
On the 14.02.2020 Mayor of Tamworth Richard Kingstone invited Changes Tamworth to the annual Mayors ball as one of two charities that he elected to support during his tenure as Mayor. This followed soon after a previous invitation from the Mayor to the Tamworth Town Hall where he presented Yvonne and Tony with a BE Tamworth award which we are also very proud of.

Community Foundation for Staffordshire.
It was a great pleasure to receive a site visit from Sian and Laura from the Community Foundation for Staffordshire on the 13.02.2020. They were able to see first hand how Changes operates and supports the community with funding that they so generously provided Changes Tamworth through the ESF Fund.

Charity Event.
Carl, one of our members arranged and hosted a charity event at the Progressive Club Tamworth on the 01.02.20. It was a great night and all proceeds went towards keeping Changes Tamworth operational.

Rotary Club Christmas cheque presentation
Changes Tamworth were invited to a Rotary Club cheque presentation where local charities were hand cheques raised through the Santa Sleigh days.

Rotary Club Christmas Sleigh collection
The Rotary Club of Tamworth gave Changes Tamworth the opportunity to spend two days during the Christmas buildup to raise funds for named charities and the Rotary Club.

Tamworth Radio Show 14.11.2019
Yvonne and Tony were invited onto the Tamworth Radio Breakfast Show to discuss the impact of mental health on the local community and how Changes Tamworth works to reduce the impact of mental health on the sufferer and their family and community using a range of tried and tested programs to aid timely recovery.
Community Foundation For Staffordshire (ESF)
Changes Tamworth are absolutely delighted after being awarded the amazing sum of £20,000 to provide services promoting wellbeing and progression into work related activities such as the voluntary sector or paid employment. Our focus is on aiding recovery and developing assertiveness, confidence, independence and the social skills personal development to pursue and fulfill their personal potential.

Tamworth Herald Hero Of The Month
May 2019
Congratulations to Yvonne who has been recognised by the Tamworth Herald as Hero of the month for her tireless committment to the community of Tamworth.

Tamworth Radio Community Awards 2019
June 2019
Wow, just wow. We have been awarded Charity of the Year 2019 by Tamworth Radio Community Awards. We are absolutely over the moon and really appreciate this recognition from the community we care so much about. On behalf of Changes staff and members we thank you all again

Tamworth Business and Community Awards 2018
We attended the Tamworth Business and Community Awards on the 5th of October at Drayton Manor Hotel. We were invited as finalists out of a 13 strong category for Community Group of the year. We were pleased to be nominated at all but coming away with second (Highly Commended Award) was a really pleasant shock. Over three hundred people were in attendance and it was a fantastic night all round.

Exciting week coming up. On Tuesday the 2nd of October we have been invited to attend Tamworth Radio Station to discuss Changes Tamworth service. We will talk about mental health and why our service is needed in this time of austerity and the pressures of everyday Oct 1st 2018 life that drive so many people to desperately seek help in their time of mental distress.
On Friday the 5th of October we have been invited to attend the prestigious Tamworth and Community Business awards Ceremony at Drayton Manor as finalists for Community Group of the year. Just being nominees is very special to us as we were put forward for the award without our knowledge. Irrespective of winning or not this will be a proud moment for a small charity that against all the odds has and will continue to support the vulnerable in our community and save lives along the way.