Changes Tamworth believes that a safe, confidential, familiar and non judgemental environment is key to an individuals recovery. Anxiety is a very disabling condition that often results in people isolating themselves at home and away from busy and potentially overwhelming situations. Anyone who seeks help with mental distress deserves the dignity of a safe, familiar and confidential space in which to talk about their issues. We are not saying that coffee bar meet ups are a bad thing for some but for many people who have experienced trauma, public spaces are not the place to deal with upsetting issues.
All of Changes Tamworth’s support groups and workshops are delivered within our own relaxing environment that is confidential and safe for all who attend. This not only puts our members at ease quickly it also helps them to develop trust in the service and quickly get on with the task of getting well and staying well.

Our services are free to access and are designed to complement each other, and any other support that you may be receiving.

To set you on the best path, please contact us to arrange for a one-to-one appointment before attending any of the sessions.

All of our sessions and services are run by people who have used the service themselves, and will treat you with respect, dignity and understanding.
Please note: venues and times may vary, so please contact office before your meeting.

Our workshops change regularly so please contact us for updates on schedule.

Monday Closed All Day
Tuesday Peer Support Group (Ladies Only)
10.00am-12.00noon at 1A King Street, Tamworth
Foundation Wellness
1.30pm-3.30pm at 1A King Street, Tamworth
Wednesday Motivation Workshop
10.00am-12.00noon at 1A King Street, Tamworth

WAP Sessions
1.30pm-4-.00pm at 1A King Street, Tamworth

Peer Support Group
Peel Croft Surgery, Burton-upon-Trent


Anger Management
10.00am-1.00pm at 1A King Street, Tamworth

Wellness Programme
(starting 15th February 2018)
10.00am-12 noon
1A King Street, Tamworth

Extra workshop coming to this slot soon.
1. Anxiety / Depression 4 Weeks.
2. Anger Management 5 Weeks.
3. Self Image / Self Esteem 5 Weeks.
4. Wellness Program 7 Weeks.
5. Assertiveness 5 Weeks.
Peer Support Group
5.00pm-7.00pm at
1A King Street, Tamworth
Friday Peer Support Group
Burton-upon-Trent Firestation, Moor Street